Port City Thrift: "We Will Buy The Entire Estate Or Just One Chair."

We Guarantee To Handle Your Furniture Sale Like No Other Company!

We Pay You Cash, Upfront, For Everything In The House! 

  If you need to sell one thing or everything in the household, we'd like to make you an offer within 30 minutes after viewing your 
pictures or seeing the actual furniture. 

No more waiting days or weeks for strangers to come 
to your home and not buy your furniture!

We will handle your furniture or estate sale quite a bit different from everybody else. We price and make you an offer for everything in the house, and we pay you cash, up-front.  In most cases the same day that we visit! We then schedule our PickUp & Delivery guys to come out and move everything out, by appointment.

Do You Want To Sell Your Furniture, Right Now -  Today? 

Then Here's What You should Do Right Now - Today!

Use the form to send pictures and we'll make you an offer based on the pictures. If you accept our offer, we come out by appointment to confirm the items in the pictures, we then give you cash and schedule a pickup day. Everything is then moved out of the home.

We then conduct your estate sale at a later date, from our facility.

  Fill In The Form Or Call Us Today To Schedule An Appointment: 843-814-2007.

Reasons To Use Our Method Instead Of A Traditional Estate Sale?

How Much Do Companies Charge For Estate Sales

When Do I Get Paid?

How Long Does It Take To Have An Estate Sale? 

Traditional: It Takes 1-2 weeks for your home to be "prepped, tagged and advertised" the actual sale is 2 to 3 days.
Port City Thrift: We make an offer today, give you cash money tomorrow and the house is empty within 72 hours.

Traditional: Most estate sale liquidators charge a commission fee of 35% to 50% of the total sales. Plus additional fees. 

Port City Thrift: We don't charge any fees, we make you an offer, you accept, we give you cash money.

Traditional: They have your money, and will usually send you a check within a week, after the sale, minus their fees. 

Port City Thrift: We pay you all of your money up-front, before the sale!  

What Happens To Unsold Items?

What Does The Contract Say?

Don't Expect To Hit A Home Run With Us Or Them.

Traditional: What doesn't sell will often times be given to charities or taken to Goodwill or Salvation Army. 

Port City Thrift: We bought everything, so everything did sell.

Traditional: The estate sale contract outlines in writing the agreements and responsibilities of parties involved.  An estate sale contract is necessary, they won't do the sale without it. 

Port City Thrift: There is no estate sale contract needed.

Traditional: Don’t expect hidden treasures that will sell forbig money.

Port City Thrift: You pick what you want to keep. You won't get rich selling to us, what we do is save you time, frustration, emotional stress, and a little money.

Fill In The Form Now!  See How Quick & Painless This Can Be!

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Use this form to browse & choose pictures of furniture that you want to receive an offer. Upload and send us pictures of your entire estate or just one chair that you want to sell. FREE PICKUP!

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Want To Know How Much Money We'll Offer You? Receive An  Offer 
Within 30 Minutes.

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Do You Have Debt To Pay Or Down-Sizing To A Smaller Home, Going Through A Divorce,
Had A Death In The Family, Moving, Getting Married Or Remodeling Or Replacing Old Furniture Or Just Need Cash. TODAY!